Small bumps between fingers what can they be?

Answer You've got eczema. My daughter has had it all her life. Go see a dermatologist.

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Can chocolate cause a full-body skin rash with red swollen bumps or - on mild days - small red bumps?

Chocolate allergies have several possible symptoms. A red bumpy rash is among them. Some others are: Headaches Migraines Hay Fever Hives Heartburn Rectal itching Confusion Breathing problemsSee t... Read More »

Red bumps between fingers on my right hand?

I don't think it's the body wash because since you used it, it should be all over you but it could be bed bug bites

Painful, itchy, red, raised bumps on hands and fingers?

It's a form of dermatitis or eczema. I get it on one finger in the same spot every time and know how horribly itchy and painful it can be! An over the counter cortisone/steroid cream will help, b... Read More »

Teeny, tiny fluid-filled bumps on my fingers?

The small blisters you describe, filled with clear fluid are a form of dermatitis called pompholyx, also known as vesicular eczema (a vesicle is small fluid filled sac). Pompholyx is the preferred ... Read More »