Small bump behind ear What is it Please help!?

Answer a pimple or in grown hair

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Small bump behind my ear!?

Its actually bad to pop zits. When zits are popped the wrong way (probably the way your mom did) the bacteria goes back into the pores and the zit will reappear even bigger and more irritating than... Read More »

What could a small hard bump on a 2-year-old's occipital ridge behind the left ear be It is not painful or discolored There is not one on the right side?

NO. Your dog may be a bit embarrassed, but he will get over it. Besides, earlier in the day your dog pulled a loaded diaper out of the garbage and woofed it down, so dog and baby are basically even.

What espn or car commerical has the kids in the van singing bump-bump bump-bump bump-bump ayi ayi ayi?

That commercial is for the 2012 Honda Pilot, and is called " roadtrip"/\ /\|| || || ||thank youp.s me and my sister did that in the car

I have an itchy bump "down there" please help?

As embarrassing as it may seem, go to a doctor. People on the net can only give you an idea of what it might be, we can't tell you for sure.If you're worried, get checked out.. it could be serious