Small bowel loops found in a fetus?

Answer I think the colors are red and white but i am not sure?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Will the yolk sac found during an ultrasound given at 8 weeks develop into a fetus while the other sac has clearly already developed into a fetus during a multiple birth?

Answer If my toddler was vomiting from the heat, the first thing I would do is give her cold water to drink and take her to the emergency room immediately.

Will a colonoscopy show the small bowel?

A colonoscopy, a procedure using a long tube with a camera attached, generally covers the large intestine and rectum. However, it can reach up to a small portion of the small bowel (or small intest... Read More »

Foods That Increase Motility in the Small Bowel?

Bowels realize involuntary movements during the digestion process. Many factors can interfere in the normal small bowel motility, including bacterial infections caused by contaminated foods or all... Read More »

I have found an original, very small loft room in my small Edwardian Terrace. How was it originally used?

I starred your question because I find it interesting and I was hoping someone could give you an answer or even an idea of the room's purpose. I personally have no idea myself, but I would suggest... Read More »