Small Soldiers Games?

Answer Boys have been playing with toy soldiers for the past 200 years, according to Soldier Toys, specialists in new and vintage military miniatures. Games with small soldiers allow children to use their... Read More »

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What is the name of part time soldiers who are sometimes called upon to act as regular soldiers?

here is an answer for you this whole is hokey you know there is just a bunch of random people writing random things down like i am that probably are not the answers that you are trying ... Read More »

What is the difference between the soldiers today and the soldiers in the civil war?

This question would truly need an essay to answer.. to quickly answer it.. I would say the biggest differences would be training..

Fun drinking games to do at a small party...?

Categories is fun (AKA Kings) You need a deck of cards, remove the Jokers. Put the cards in a scattered pile in the middle of the table. Each card is assigned a task, and when drawn, needs to be co... Read More »

Games for Small Motor Skills?

Small motor skills are needed to successfully tie your shoes, eat with utensils, and pick up small objects. Developing these skills at a young age is crucial, and you can continue to sharpen them e... Read More »