Small Perennial Plants for Full Sun?

Answer Mixing plants of different heights adds interest to a perennial border. Small perennial plants soften a border's edges. Used with other perennials of gradually increasing heights, they create a vis... Read More »

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Full-Sun Perennial Plants for South Texas?

The Texas climate varies greatly across the state. The southern regions of Texas have long, hot summers that are a perfect environment for perennial flowers. Perennials are plants that live for mor... Read More »

Small Perennial Flowers?

Perennial flowers are plants that come back year after year without replanting. This type of plant grows again from the roots each spring. Most varieties of perennials survive for several years, bu... Read More »

Perennial Arkansas Plants?

Many perennials flourish in Arkansas. A perennial is a plant that has the ability to live for more than two years. It takes about three years for a perennial to become fully established. ... Read More »

Perennial Pepper Plants?

Whether a pepper plant is an annual or a perennial all depends on how you take care of it or the location in which it grows. Generally, all pepper plants are perennials. However, they are susceptib... Read More »