Slugs Are Eating My Basil Plants?

Answer Slugs are common pests among tender basil plants. Whether grown in containers or in a garden bed, slugs are a serious threat to basil leaves. Protect outdoor basil plants and eliminate slugs to kee... Read More »

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Slugs eating my plants ive tried pellets any tips?

Put a bowl with beer in it near the plants they are eating. The slugs will be attracted to the beer, crawl into it and drown. Here's a website with more anti-slug tips. Read More »

How to get rid of slugs from my garden,They are eating my vegetable plants.?

sprinkle slug pellets around your plants.

Is there a purpose for garden slugs apart from eating my plants?

I was wondering this very thing today when putting slug pellets down to stop them (and snails) from eating my new plants. Are slugs/snails any good for anything? I'd love to know.David g (below) ... Read More »

Any ideas how to stop slugs and snails eating plants Humanely though please?

One way is to use pie plates filled with beer or other fermented beverage--the slugs are attracted to the smell, climb into the pie plate, and drown. Or you can try eggshells. They work excellent ... Read More »