Slow-motion digital Camcorder?

Answer The only consumer camcorders that have any sort of increased frame capture rate (of which I am currently aware) are several select camcorders from Sony. You would be looking for the "Smooth Slow Re... Read More »

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Looking for High-Speed camcorder (for slow-motion videos)! Please help!?

Perhaps the Casio Exilim line meets your needs...

What is the least expensive digital video camera out there that has slow motion?

Technically speaking, I believe JVC has the win here, with qualifications. Quite a few of their consumer DV camcorders, such as the GR-DF450 ($299.95 at B&H) have what they call "Live Slow" mode. T... Read More »

I have a camcorder how do i make it go slow mo like them slow mo camera with the bullet and the apple?

You don't do it with the camcorder you currently own. it takes pictures at 30 frames per second. A bullet travels at 1000 feet per second. In the period of a single frame, the bullet travels 30 fee... Read More »

Is the "JVC GR-D770 MiniDV Digital Camcorder" a quality camcorder thank you?

It is an OK camcorder.I would suggest staying with Sony or Canon, though...Sony HDR-HC96Canon ZR800, ZR950