Slow internet connection on galaxy s3?

Answer make sure you have a good router with N.

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My internet connection is slow?

No duh. The farther you get from the router on a wireless connection, the worse it will be. Move it back or run a network cable.

Slow internet connection?

Two things you have to remember. One, the difference between the small b and the upper case B. Small b is bits, upper case B is Bytes, where there are 8 bits.Two, ISP's offerings are always "UP T... Read More »

Why is my internet connection slow?

Yeah that does seem strange because you can download at 300kb/s and then for some reason it goes down to 20. If it isn't someone in your house using the internet as well because if 2 people are dow... Read More »

Slow internet connection speed?

If i understand what you are trying to say, i think you said you bought a switch from some ware that will allow you to transfer up to 256mbps? well if that is the case then no one misled you. you t... Read More »