Slow data transfer rate from/to USB 2.0 ?

Answer its the win7 that u are using which slows the process. It use more graphic n consumes memory. dump it and downgrade to xp sp3. It took about 4 min to copy a 6.36 gb file in usb 2.0...!!!! I hav onl... Read More »

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Definition of "Data Transfer Rate"?

Computers rely on a constant flow of information. Networks and computers send and receive data on a neverending basis. The data transfer rate helps ensure this information is transmitted effectively.

How to Calculate Data Transfer Rate?

Data transfer rate is the rate that a certain amount of data is transferred over a given period in time. An example would be when you download something online. While downloading you see the progre... Read More »

What is data transfer rate?

You might guess from the name that "data transfer rate" refers to the speed of data moving from one point to another. What that means in terms of computers and the Internet requires a simple break... Read More »

How do i increase the data transfer rate from HD to HD?

before you do a backup, you should always perform a virus scan and take out critical objects found in an adaware scan as well as any spyware. i DO hope you are not running different antiviral, fir... Read More »