Slow boot up on vista?


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Do custom boot screens slow down your overall boot time.?

If you mean the "splash" screen image that is used during the boot up process, then the answer is: NO, there is no slow down. That is because it is nothing more than a raster image (bitmap), and i... Read More »

How to Restore the Boot in a Windows Vista & XP Dual Boot?

It is possible to configure your computer so that you can choose between booting to either the Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system at startup. This configuration is called "dual-booting" o... Read More »

Why do computers boot slow?

Personal computers differ from many electronic devices in that they take a significant amount of time to start up before they can be used. A computer's boot time can sometimes be improved with a fe... Read More »

How to Slow Boot Windows XP at Home After Repair Reinstall?

Improving the responsiveness of your Windows XP computer is vital to keeping you happy with your current machine. Where your computer seems to be lagging following a repair reinstallation, the best... Read More »