Slow Water Flow in Shower?

Answer Showers are among the most common ways of bathing in modern-day America, but nothing can ruin the quality of a shower more than slow, trickling water. Having a shower with low water pressure may m... Read More »

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Why would a shower drain suddenly become so slow that there are inches of standing water after a shower and once the water finally drains why would it appear that debri has come up out of the drain?

answerHair clogs it up. Every 3 mos or so, pour draino or something like it down the drain.the debris is exactly that. its hair or other stuff that floated up when the trap backed up.

How to Slow Down the Water Flow in a Fountain?

A fountain's water flow rate affects the sound of the fountain. A faster flow rate produces more noise. A slower flow rate provides a more tranquil mood and quieter fountain operation. In feng shui... Read More »

What cause more hot water to flow in the shower when a toilet is flushed?

It is not more hot water flowing, it is less cold water flowing. Less cold water in the mix makes the resultant water hotter. Less cold water flows because half (guesstimate) of the available cold ... Read More »

How do I increase the water flow rate in a shower head?

Clean the Shower Head ScreenUnscrew the shower head, and remove it from the pipe. Press a slotted screwdriver into the hold in the center of the gasket. Pull up gently to remove the gasket. Remove ... Read More »