Slogans and tag lines of various companies?

Answer really!

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What is the average price of car insurance for various companies in Pennsylvania?

Answer not in any state or thru any insurance company I know of.

How do energy companies provide different households with Gas electricity Different companies different prices etc even though same lines underground for all houses?

Answer Sorry! You ae going to get ripped. There is no way to get it for less unless you instll a wood stove and heater.

What companies manufacture tailor-made remotes for various devices like TV curtains lights etc?

Sometimes the remote just won't respond, and I have to turn the POWER on at the tv set. Then I often spin them, tap the remote LIGHTLY on my desk, and voila they do last a little longer.Another tip... Read More »

Good companies for home phone lines (UK)?

I changed from BT to Virgin & would not go back to them.