Slightly sharp pain as I breathe. What could it be?

Answer I know this might be hard, but you might want to consider quitting smoking.... I know you may have tried in the past, but you'll just have to try harder. This may be nothing serious, but it could b... Read More »

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What are those sharp pains you get sometimes...where it doesn't hurt when you move but when you breathe...?

There is cartilage between your ribs, as well as muscles and tissues over them of course. I believe the sharp pain you are describing is related to those structures, although I could not state exac... Read More »

You've been experencing morning sickness and sharp pains in your left side and a tingling sharp pain in your stomach frequent urination and fatique you also have been having a brown tissuey discharge?

AnswerSome women do. I didn't crave anything but I did go off coffee, tea (common) chocolate and baked jacket potatoes.AnswerSome women do, some don't. Some women never have any weird cravings, and... Read More »

I have pain in my left eye slightly swollen anyone know what it could be?

Have you been punched in the face recently?

Pain just above my belly button, it comes and goes not a sharp pain though?

It is most likely trapped gas. try eating a peppermint to see if it helps..................