Slight vaginal stinging and light blood?

Answer It could b UTI! U said it burns when u pee n u have a hard time peeing when u go to the bathroom which is a common sign of UTI..go see a doctor immediately!

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Could you be going into labor soon if you feel stinging and pressure in your vaginal area?

Answer Stinging and pressure is usually from the head resting low on the cervix, pelvis, and pubic bone. Signs of labor are steady contractions--most feel like a back ache at first or period cramps... Read More »

Are feeling very tired with tender and painful breasts and frequent urination and vaginal wetness and a slight fever of 99.2 early signs of pregnancy?

Answer Hell yea girl, that sounds like all the signs of pregnancy...1 high temperature (try recording your temperature for a few weeks and see if you see any changes)2 sore breasts (they will h... Read More »

I have a slight light headiness during the day?

Worried about slight elevation in white blood cell count?

I know this will do no good (I have depression, so "cheer up" is pointless), but my advice is to relax.An elevated WBC which precedes an infection is a solved mystery.I will leave you with advice f... Read More »