Slight pain in my rotator cuff from softball...?

Answer I have this same issue right now! I went to a sports doctor and they said my tendons are weak and worn out (tendonitis)

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What kind of pain is involved for rotator cuff surgery?

The rotator cuff, a network of muscles and tendons in the shoulder, can become torn. The pain can be severe enough to require surgery, which may cause additional discomfort until it is rehabilitate... Read More »

Has anyone here ever had "rotator cuff surgery"?

Yes, I did. The surgery was about an hour and a half, and then they strapped my arm across my chest and secured it with a sling and velcro straps. The ride home was horrible. Running over a little ... Read More »

Should I Use Heat on Rotator Cuff?

The body requires 13 different vitamins to grow and develop normally. Foods in the diet serve as the main source of vitamins. The body produces some vitamins itself, such as vitamins D and K. The p... Read More »

What is rotator cuff surgery?

The rotator cuff is made up of shoulder muscles and tendons that allow the arm to raise and twist. This joint has the greatest range of motion in the body.SymptomsA rotator cuff injury can cause in... Read More »