Sleeping disorder or something else?

Answer Relax yourself!

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Help I have a sleeping disorder?

You state that you are unable to seek out the services of a doctor. That is the only solution that you have at this time. It is possible that you will require something to calm yourself down enou... Read More »

Anyone else offered a price on a phone bill and then charged something else?

If the service you had before was with your local phone company, call them and ask to switch back. Or if it was from some other company, call that company and ask to switch back.After you get every... Read More »

Anyone else having trouble sleeping?

Is my eating disorder something to worry about?

ahhhh duh!!!!! you have an eating disorder! i would rather be overweight and healthy than underweight and not eat at all. Your body is not designed to disregard food and NOT EAT. Your body his inst... Read More »