Skyrim hearthfire keeps crashing?

Answer I have the same problem!!!!!! Same Situation. Falkreath Hold house. Have Wife and 1 Child. Freezes almost immediately when entering front of house. Lasted a little bit longer before freezing wh... Read More »

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;;How can i stop my adobe flash player from keep on crashing..?

uninstall the program... go to control panel > add/remove programs > and remove the program... and reinstall it....… or use the troubleshooting links on t... Read More »

My pc keeps crashing on me?

What anti-Virus/SpyWare are you running? and have you run a scan recently?I can recommend some good free downloads for you.I am presuming it's virus related as you seem supprised that it crashing s... Read More »

Have you ever Being sad over crashing a car?

Everyone that has a brain will feel the same after they have lost a vehicle but its just a car and you're alive and will get over it !!

My laptop PC is crashing maybe once or twice a day.?

Use MSCONFIG utility to disable the autoruns and use the Reliability Monitor tool to check for bad programs.Send me an email if you need further remote assistance.