Skype Doesn't Clear History?

Answer This has been an issue for several years now. If you do a quick Google search using the following keywords: Skype Clear HistoryYou will see that many others have had similar problems. Some of t... Read More »

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I am getting discharge but it is whitish/clear and doesnt itch or burn what is it?

taste it and see if it tastes like candy.

My history doesnt delete no matter what?

There's 1 more place to change your settings. In IE 8 click Tools > Internet Options, click the Content tab, in the AutoComplete section click Settings, clear the box for Address Bar, click Delete ... Read More »

My son was born with a pin size hole in his neck. the doctor said its nothing to worry about. now he's 3 and i noticed there something clear that oozed out of it. it doesnt do this a lot. any ideas?

It must be a dermal sinus a tiny tube with a blind end. It usually does not cause any problem. Sometimes it can get infected and cause pain and swelling. In that situation a minor operation may be ... Read More »

Where does skype keep the conversation history?

If you have the appropriate options selected, Skype will store your chat history on your computer. These files are stored in the Skype folder within the Application Data folder. Inside the Skype fo... Read More »