Skyline chili or gold star?

Answer skyline

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Is anyone a Skyline Chili fan?

True fan... we cut with a fork... we NEVER swirl!!! Gold Star just isn't the same. FYI- the frozen Skyline isn't bad... you could keep a fix in your freezer!

Who owns Skyline Chili?

Skyline Chili is owned by Skyline Chili Inc. The company, which is based in Fairfield, Ohio, operates franchisee-owned restaurants in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Florida and also sells its chili pr... Read More »

Is Skyline Chili kosher?

According to the Kosher Certification list found at, which lists companies that have been certified Kosher and can use the OK kosher symbol on their products, Skyline Chili is not kosher.Ref... Read More »

Where does the little gold star on the rotc class A's?

If the scar is there from an accident or a simple surgery then you should have no issue getting in. If the scar is there from a surgery that can disqualify you or a condition that required surgery ... Read More »