Sky+ question please help *10 points*?

Answer Yes - you need to program the Sky remote control to match the make and model of your TV set.Be aware that not all tv sets are supported , and it also depends on how up to date your Sky handset is (... Read More »

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IPod Touch Question Please Help!! 10 Points?

It all depends on what you will be using it for...If all you want to do is listen to music and watch movies - 8GB for $230 is a RIPOFF!!!If you want to play around with some apps - and don't have a... Read More »

Help on facebook please............. (read my prob.) this question worth 10 points?

u cannot-it sucks-fb has changed again-i know-i am there! it has changed like 5 times since i joined-uugh!

I'm getting an ipod touch and i need an important question answered!! please help! easy 10 points!?

yes, just load all of your songs back onto the computer and then put them on your new ipod touch