Sky Tubes Vs. Skylights?

Answer Skylights and sky tubes use sunlight to help illuminate the inside a home or building, but they do so in different ways. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these two forms of lightin... Read More »

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How to Install Skylights?

Skylights offer a way to bring more natural light into a room and help it feel more spacious. Most skylights are installed in an attic or ceiling. Use these steps to install skylights.

Are all skylights thermopane?

Carlson Stores states, "thermopane glass is two or more pieces of glass or other gazing material glued in parallel with a spacer." However, Sundowner Skylights claims its skylight domes consist of ... Read More »

Installation of Skylights?

A skylight can be added to your home to allow more light into an area without having to install or wire new lights. If you have an open ceiling without any attic space, you can have a skylight inst... Read More »

How do I open skylights?

Prepare to Open the SkylightMove furniture and decorative items out of the way so you can access the skylight. Set up a sturdy stepladder or stepping stool. Climb on the stepladder to reach the sky... Read More »