Sky Plus Query?

Answer As per answer 1. The recordings stay on the box. This also happened to our Sky + box. We had a replacement from Sky, and when I kicked up a fuss about the fact that I had some stuff recorded for... Read More »

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Iphone 4s Query.........................…?

What Is Query in MS Access?

Microsoft Access is a personal database product. When you have built a database and filled it with data elements, the query function enables you to ask questions of the content of the database. Que... Read More »

What is query explorer?

it is a virus that takes over your default browser it's called(not a virus)suggestion: open control panel add/remove programs look for query exploreruninstall it,norton does not detect it,try zone... Read More »

What are Query Strings?

Query strings are data that is appended to the end of a page URL. They are commonly used to hold data like page numbers or search terms or other data that isn't confidential. Unlike ViewState and h... Read More »