Sky HD pricing?

Answer No Sky won't do that.If anything they will put there prices up as they usually do very often.The free hd channels will only be stuff like BBC hd and channel 4 hd.Not things like sky sports hd or mo... Read More »

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Would it be true or false if the arbitrage pricing model is more elastic and acceptable for pricing a capital asset than the capital asset pricing model?

If you are running your iPhone in Airplane Mode you will not receive anything. You won't get phone calls, emails, texts, etc. If you want to get Push Notifications you need to take it out of Airpla... Read More »

Pricing strategy and suggest an appropriate pricing and poisoning on micro wave ovens?

Answer I've done this but you must have a resource to parts appropriate for your machine, along with diagrams.There is no way to respond with exact instructions for you in this forum but this task... Read More »

How to Negotiate GSA Pricing?

Negotiating is a skill that some people are born with. It can be honed over time until it's perfected, but it takes a lot of practice and persistence. The United States General Services Association... Read More »

Pricing antique furniture?

Opinions from we rabble on here will count for nothing in a legal dispute. Take photos of the damaged items to verify the circumstances and condition and then take them to an antiques appraiser fo... Read More »