Skinned or unskinned cucumber in tszaziki?

Answer It depends on the season and the cucumbers. If all tut can get are waxy, thick skinned cucumbers, peel them. But if it is summer and you can get thin skinned pickling cucumbers leave the skins on .... Read More »

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Can a light skinned woman and a dark skinned man have two dark skinned children in a row?

How did Michael Jackson became white-skinned from being dark-skinned?

No he did not take whitening pills. Michael Jackson suffers from a rare disease called vitiligo that causes the sufferer to loose pigment in their skin in blotches. Michael started to show signs ... Read More »

For the black men, Why do dark skinned women have to compete so hard with light skinned women?

First and foremost I am not a Black Man but I am a dark-skinned women and this is what I think of it. I think its mind over matter. As a dark-skinned women, I have learned that its really not a com... Read More »

How to Grill Red Skinned Potatoes?

Red skinned potatoes retain their shape when cooked, which makes them easier to cut than russet potatoes. You can serve the potatoes whole or sliced. The grill brings out the flavor in the potatoes... Read More »