Skin peeling after stitches removed?

Answer ha if the doctor says its okay then im sure its okay :)and yeaa , your wound thing is supposed to get soft and peel off a little in the shower . just make sure to put neosporin on it . it will help... Read More »

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Bleeding after stitches removed?

That's not even anything to worry about. It's fine. You need to relax when it comes to your brother,,,,,chill out.

Does it hurt when stitches are removed?

it´s relatively painlessthe process is this: The wound is cleaned with an antiseptic to remove encrusted blood and loosened scar tissue Sterile forceps are used to pick up the knot of each... Read More »

Can you have a wisdom tooth removed without having stitches?

I have had all my wisdom teeth removed and have never had stitches (Sweden). They were all removed in the same way by different dentists. Local anaesthetic followed by brute force pulling (sounds a... Read More »

Stitches Removed One is still 'there' as the doctor got all but one stitch.?

It is totally possible that your doctor could have missed a stitch when he removed them. It will not go away on its own. You need to return to the doctor and have the last one removed.