Skin peeling after stitches removed?

Answer ha if the doctor says its okay then im sure its okay :)and yeaa , your wound thing is supposed to get soft and peel off a little in the shower . just make sure to put neosporin on it . it will help... Read More »

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Bleeding after stitches removed?

That's not even anything to worry about. It's fine. You need to relax when it comes to your brother,,,,,chill out.

Part of finger still numb after stitches removed?

Don't you think you should be asking your doctor this? Lol. Sometimes the nurses may be of help. Please take medical advice online with a grain of salt!

Peeling skin after sunburn?

How to Prevent Skin Peeling After Sunburn?

Human skin cells are constantly shedding and being replaced. When skin is damaged by excessive sun exposure, the large groups of damaged cells all shed at once, causing visible, white sections of s... Read More »