Skin infection question?

Answer As the course of antibiotics is for 5 days then that is most likely how long it will take to clear up. ..........

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Ear infection question?

It's probably caused by an air pocket in your ear. The airplane ride or frequent sneezing can be the cause of it (since you have a cold.) See too if it's rather an ear infection by having another p... Read More »

Question about antibiotics for infection?

if the infection has subsided, you shouldn't worry so much. as long as you stay away from stressful activities, get enough sleep and eat healthy foods your immune system should take care of the pro... Read More »

How Do I Get Rid of the Smell From a Dog With a Chronic Skin Infection?

Bacterial or yeast skin infections can cause your dog to give off a foul odor, veterinarian Rosanna Marsalla says at Some dogs tend to smell more than others, but an infection can mak... Read More »

Dog Skin Irritation and Bacterial Infection?

Many things can affect a dog's skin, causing mild to severe irritation and infections. Finding out the cause of the irritation is the first step in treating and preventing the infection. A skin inf... Read More »