Skin around/under toe is blue?

Answer Probably a bruise under the skin. I wouldnt worry to much. If it gets any worse call a doctor as it could be a minor infection. If so, the doctor will give you antibiotics/cream which will clear it... Read More »

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Blue Dogs & Skin Problems?

"Blue dogs" are dogs who have a dilution of normal coat colors as well as various other body parts. Dogs with this abnormality are prone to coat problems such as color dilution alopecia, a conditio... Read More »

Red & Blue Light Therapy for Skin?

Acne is a skin disorder that affects an estimated 85 percent of adolescents and 25 percent of adults. Acne results when hair follicles on the skin are blocked by oily skin secretions called sebum a... Read More »

Haircolor for blue eyes and pale skin?

I have blue eyes and pale skin and I always go with a dark blonde, and some lighter highlights. With a fair skin tone, a natural color is always the besy way to go.

How do i change the colour of my skin to blue forever?