Skin around eyes looks red/orange in pictures?

Answer It depends. Need to know what camera you are using.Might be because you need to set the white balance mode to "flash".That would correct the color and the skin should look more natural rather than ... Read More »

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Why do we get red eyes in some digital pictures?

The red eye is your retina. A human retina is red because it has blood vessels. This is always true. Normally you don't see it because it's dark in your eye. The pupil that keeps too much light... Read More »

What causes red eyes when taking pictures?

Red eye occurs when light enters the eye at almost level with the eye. Because light reflects at an angle equal and opposite to its entry (in layman's terms, it makes a "V" shape) if bright light (... Read More »

What is the shape of my eyes PICTURES?

Your eyes look a bit hooded. And yes your eyes are perfectly fine :)

My eyes always are always shut in pictures!!?

Maybe try composing the pictures where you are not looking directly at the camera. Maybe if you aren't looking right at the camera, the flash will not cause your blink reflex to kick in.Another th... Read More »