Skin Rashes Caused From Tanning Beds?

Answer During the past three decades, suntan beds and booths have became very popular. Women (and men, too) have summertime tans in the middle of winter thanks to this invention. According to Hottestacne.... Read More »

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Are skin rashes caused by allergies?

== Skin Rashes and Allergies ==Allergies can show themselves through various skin reactions. The main reactions are rashes (small bumps or larger red patches), hives (also called urticaria; itchy, ... Read More »

Can there be a specific pattern to food allergy caused skin rashes such as a bi-lateral rash on legs or hips?

Answer I lived with rash allergies for several years. Not just little itchy spots, big welts covering my torso, legs & arms. Along with cutting out the 10-12 major allergy producing foods (shell f... Read More »

Do Tanning Beds Clear Your Skin?

More than 17 million Americans have acne, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS). One common myth is that tanning beds are a cure for the ski... Read More »

Tanning Beds and Skin Irritation?

Golden tanned skin is a look many people try to achieve in the summer months and winter months alike. The desire for a year-round tan, and our desire for quick and efficient results, has increased ... Read More »