Skin Problems When Stressed?

Answer When the body is stressed, it releases cortisol, which causes glands to overproduce hormones. This overproduction of hormones can raise oil production, increase skin cell growth and worsen preexist... Read More »

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TB skin test positive and stressed please help.?

Calm down- there should be no reason you would not be able to continue with your class as long as you are free of infectious TB. When a person tests positive on the TB skin test, a chest x-ray is ... Read More »

How to Breathe when Stressed?

When stressed, you may have some troubles concentrating or even sleeping. If you’re in an exam, or at work, you can always take a minute to breathe to reduce your stress without anyone knowing wh... Read More »

How to Sleep when Stressed?

Without adequate sleep, your ability to work is compromised.The average sleep time during weeknights for the average American is seven hours, down from nine hours in the early twentieth century.[1]... Read More »

What do u do when your sad & stressed?

Exercise! I've been doing a project for school about how physical activity can improve ones mental health and it's fascinating. If you're stressed, you may feel like you're too busy to exercise but... Read More »