Skin Lightener Ingredients?

Answer Skin lighteners have been around for centuries, from the use of dangerous face paints to the beauty creams found on store shelves today. Skin lightening products are integral in beauty regimens for... Read More »

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Skin Lightener Recipes?

Skin lighteners are commonly used to diminish freckles and age spots, reduce suntans or improve an uneven complexion. Various expensive skin lightening creams have flooded the cosmetic market, but ... Read More »

Hydroquinone as a Skin Lightener?

Hydroquinone is the main chemical in popular skin lighteners whose main ingredients work best on freckles, blotches and other pigmented areas. Hydroquinone is available in an over-the-counter 2 per... Read More »

How to Make Natural Skin Lightener?

There are many reasons a person might want to lighten her skin, including religious beliefs, cultural or heritage considerations or upbringing. Her skin may only tan in certain spots, or she may si... Read More »

Natural Homemade Skin Lightener?

Natural skin lighteners can be made at home, making them an affordable option for those who want to lighten their skin color. This type of recipe must be used on the skin daily, and creating a new ... Read More »