Skin Irritation Relief?

Answer Skin irritation can be caused by sun or wind burn, exposure to a new substance, insect bites and even air conditioning. Many commercial products are available to treat skin irritation, but common h... Read More »

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What are the causes of skin irritation?

Skin irritation presents as a rash, redness, itchiness, burning and dry skin. There are several possible causes of skin irritation.Stress and Hormonal ChangesStress irritates every organ in the bod... Read More »

Skin irritation with bleach, please help!!?

Try wearing gloves at work. The thick yellow ones work best. Nitrile rubber work well too.You want to avoid contact with the bleach water. It is a strong base, so it is caustic and will burn you.If... Read More »

Types of Skin Irritation?

Skin irritation can be caused by many different factors, and can cause the skin to become dry, to burn, to become itchy, chapped or red. Because some skin irritations can be dangerous, seeking the ... Read More »

How long does skin irritation last?

Skin irritation results from contact with an irritating substance or situation. Healing of the skin depends on the irritant. Lubricating lotion can provide relief while skin heals.Animal salivaCan ... Read More »