Skin Disorders in a Lhasa Apso?

Answer Lhasa apso is a small, hardy dog breed that is prized for its exotic look and mischievous temperament. Its long, distinctive hair and independent spirit have made it popular as a show dog, agility ... Read More »

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How to Take Care of a Lhasa Apso?

You may be the new owner of a gorgeous Lhasa Apso, but if you don't know how to take care of your new best friend, it could end in disaster. Use this as a reminder and a guide on how to take care o... Read More »

Degenerative Disc in the Neck on a Lhasa Apso?

For hundreds of years the only people to own Lhasa Apso's were holy men of Tibet. They make such good watch dogs, they were used to guard sacred temples. By 1933, the dogs were introduced to the Un... Read More »

How to Treat Skin Disorders of a Dog?

Dog skin disorders cause itching, flaking, raw patches of skin and hair loss, among other things. Treating the itching or sore skin may help the dog in the short term, but discovering the cause of ... Read More »

Can stress cause skin disorders?