Skin Care for People Age 55?

Answer Aging skin is prone to wrinkle because of the skin's inability to maintain its elasticity as it ages. As skin loses moisture, it can collapse, causing creasing around the eyes, chin and cheeks. Ski... Read More »

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Skin Care for Black People?

Black people, like Caucasians, have varied skin types---oily, normal, combination and dry. African Americans, though, have specific needs because of their genetic makeup. They often have problems w... Read More »

Natural Skin & Hair Care for Black People?

Natural skin and hair care for black people come in a range of products. There are specialty shampoos, body cleansers and moisturizes that contain natural ingredients for African-American skin and ... Read More »

Do people with dark skin get burnt as easily as people with pale skin?

No, people with dark skin don't burn as others have stated. However there is an interesting flip side to this as the sun also provides vitamin D which the body needs. The melanin in dark skin is a ... Read More »

Is there any skin care product that lighten black person's skin?

Ask Michael Jackson!! Only in America can a poor Black Boy grow up and become a Rich White Woman!!