Skills in Learning English?

Answer Learning English is important for any individual, whether for job purposes or for pleasure. There are cases when people can understand English without being able to speak it, or they can read a new... Read More »

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Learning Skills for the English Language?

English is a difficult language to master. Students who successfully learn the language employ a variety of techniques. English students with persistence and a slow-and-steady attitude will succe... Read More »

What pre-handwriting skills/learning experiences can you suggest for developing fine moter skills in 5 yr olds?

I wrote an answer that dealt with writing recently. It has more to do with writing numbers than letters, but I hope it helps._______________________________What we use to get students to write numb... Read More »

How to Improve English With Spoken Methods of Learning English?

Many people seek to improve their spoken English. Most students recognize that sitting in a classroom and learning a language does not necessarily enable them to speak it with confidence and in a w... Read More »

Learning Skills for Kids?

Learning skills are important for kids of all ages. When they are really young, they are learning even if you don't realize it. And well before they can read, they are acquiring skills that will he... Read More »