Skills for Success in Middle School?

Answer Middle school can be a challenging time for parenting. At the cusp of adolescence, your kids will handle a different set of demands than the rough-and-tumble years of the recess yard. Middle school... Read More »

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How to Be a Success in Middle School?

From the second you get on the bus and the second you come home from, you want to be successful.The middle school years are said to be the toughest of your life. Don't stress out. You'll be just fi... Read More »

What Sociological Factors Might Affect Academic Success for Middle School Children?

A child's academic success is affected by factors such as parental involvement and how the parents themselves appear as role models. According to French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, privilege is a ... Read More »

Reading Skills for Middle School?

Middle schools in America encompass sixth, seventh and eighth grades in the school system. Students are typically 11 to 15 years of age and have been reading since six or seven years of age. Buildi... Read More »

Organizational Skills for Middle School?

By the time your child reaches middle school, she has started to transition into adolescence and has likely begun to assert her independence. Kids don't want Mom and Dad looking over their shoulder... Read More »