Skater Hairstyles?

Answer Find a sick hairstyle to match your skater tricks for the ultimate show at the local skate park. Every skater has her own special style. There isn't an official skater haircut, but you can find a ... Read More »

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Skater Girl Hairstyles?

The skater-girl style is mostly inspired from a lighter version of edgy punk. Hairstyles need to be pretty, but not too controlled. There are all sorts of ways to wear your hair to achieve this loo... Read More »

Skater Punk Hairstyles?

The skater style has become famous through the sport of skateboarding. This sport has inspired fashion trends and skate apparel. You can often see adults and kids who participate in the sport profe... Read More »

How to Differentiate Between a Real Skater and a Poser Skater?

There are a ton of people out in the world who say they can skate but really...THEY CAN'T! Here is how you can learn to tell the difference between real skaters and losers, and learn how not to bec... Read More »

How to Be a Well Known Skater?

You think you're ready to be a bad ass or a well known skater? Can you land some crazy stuff? Can you do some drops, gabs, rails, handrails, stairs, or edges? Well, it's time for you to be a well k... Read More »