Sizing Specifications for a Torque Converter?

Answer Torque converters are fluid couplings used to decouple an engine from its transmission at low rpm and automatically lock the two together at high rpm. All torque converters work in the same basic w... Read More »

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Stall Speed Specifications of a Torque Converter?

Automatic transmissions do not simply connect the engine to the drivetrain through a series of gears. The actual power output of the engine is first transmitted through a torque converter before be... Read More »

How to Replace a Torque Converter?

An automatic transmission uses a torque converter to pass energy from the engine into the transmission. A torque converter is essentially a tub of fluid secured to the engine's flywheel that acts l... Read More »

How to Fill a Torque Converter?

Torque converters (a.k.a. "stall converters") are a type of fluid coupler that transfers power from the engine to the transmission. Torque converters transfer power by using an engine-mounted turbi... Read More »

What Is a Torque Converter?

Torque converters are a type of fluid coupling used in almost all automatic-equipped vehicles. These components allow an engine to idle without a manually operated clutch and are now one of the mos... Read More »