Sixth Grade Social Studies: The Geographical Regions of the United States?

Answer In the study of U.S. geography for sixth-grade social studies, the topography and industry of the geographical regions of the United States help define distinctive regional characteristics. When e... Read More »

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Sixth-Grade Social Studies Fair Ideas?

Deciding on a project for a sixth-grade social studies fair can be a challenging task. Social studies fairs require that students show a general knowledge of the world, governments, other cultures,... Read More »

What is a United States Geographical Survey map?

A United States Geographical Survey map is a map created by the United States Geographical Survey, or USGS. The USGS is a federal agency that creates a number of maps, including maps of U.S. states... Read More »

What city is in the geographical center of the United States?

The geographical center of the United States, since 1959, is called Belle Fourche, South Dakota. To accommodate tourists and travelers, a new marker for that location was moved 20 miles south to th... Read More »

The Major Regions of the United States?

Many different criteria, including landforms, climate, population or culture, may serve as the basis for dividing countries into regions. However, the geographic regions are usually the most famili... Read More »