Six Things You Need to Know About 120Hz LCD TVs?

Answer Modern liquid crystal televisions offer a variety of features, all designed to make images more solid and realistic. Among those, 120 hertz refresh is well-known. This feature is incorporated into ... Read More »

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What is a 120Hz LCD TV?

A 120Hz LCD TV refreshes its image 120 times per second, which is twice the rate of a standard 60Hz TV. Because the 120Hz refresh rate is an even multiple of film's 24-frame-per-second rate, it can... Read More »

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What does 120Hz mean with LCD televisions?

The measurement, 120Hz, means that the unit refreshes the picture image on the LCD screen 120 times a second. This rate is a technology upgrade in 2008 which increased the frequency from 60Hz, or 6... Read More »

Can anyone explain to you 120hz tv?

Answer Television images are created with a stream of still images. In the US, the stream is 60 fields each second. As two fields are needed to make a complete frame or image, the frame rate is 30 ... Read More »