Sites i can go to to unblock sites from my school?

Answer try ''

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Free proxy sites to unblock myspace from school?

Go ahead - use a proxy - then your myspace etc account will be hacked, so you can whine on here that your myspace etc account has been hacked instead.If you do use a proxy like a lot of people post... Read More »

My school blocked EVERYTHING facebook, myspace, any proxy or unblock sites. what can i do i'm in withdrawl!?

You could try using Yuniti ( ), it often isn't blocked.

How to Unblock Sites at Home?

Blocked websites in Internet Explorer 8 exist in two forms: security blocked sites and content blocked sites. Regaining accessibility to sites blocked from within IE's security settings requires n... Read More »

How to Block and Unblock Internet Sites (On a Mac)?

There are several ways to block and unblock Internet sites on a Macintosh (Mac) computer, depending on your personal preference. The act of blocking particular websites can be useful if you want to... Read More »