Site not found error?

Answer Dear Sara,I tried the link, but couldn't acces it neither. There is no error, it only says 'could not be found'.Was it some online quest/game or something like that. Than they might be done and thi... Read More »

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I really wanna buy cheap Uggs or discounted ones. I found this site, Is it a legit site?

I ordered a pair of Uggs from a sight like that. Don't do it....Mine were about 3 months late and they were obviously fake...They were horrible...The sole of the show fell out after a week of going... Read More »

How to Fix Uistub.Exe Not Found Norton Error?

Norton 360 is a security program that was designed and distributed by Symantec. When you try to open Norton 360 from the desktop, you may receive the error "C:\Program Files\Norton 360\Engine\3.0.0... Read More »

If i found an error on wikipedia in the deffinotions how can i fix them?

The sims 3 update "Invalid file found" error!?

ok so ive been working on this so far becuase i had the same problem and it was really bugging me, ok go to your sims 3 folder and go into /Game/Bin. There click on the "default icon" with a little... Read More »