Sip Free (landline)?

Answer I don't know of ANY service that's 100% free to use. If there was then everyone would be using it. Sorry.

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How to Get a Free Landline?

Although cellphones can offer more convenience than landlines, the connection is weak in rural areas and interference from buildings and other structures can keep you from receiving or sending call... Read More »

Is there a way to call landline phones for free around the world If yes, then how?

if you have a computer to land line...the best bet is still Skype, but its not free anymore! you gotta pay a yearly fee now! the other fee sites are so crummy, its not worth only can talk... Read More »

Are 0845 numbers free to call form a landline?

its usually 0800 that are freethere is a site in which you can lookup the landline alternative to numbers such as the 0845, 0870 and other 08 numbers that usually charge Read More »

When someone is on a landline phone, and you get put on hold, does the line free up when you hang up?

If a person has the ability to receive two calls at the same time and they are only talking on one call then the line will ring.So you are talking to someone, and another call comes in, you hang up... Read More »