Sinus pain all day 24/7 help !!!!!!?

Answer I know how you feel..I had really bad sinus pain before that I wouldn't have any appetite to eat. And I would sleep all the time. I tried all kinds of medications but nothing worked. Humidity and S... Read More »

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How do I relieve sinus pain?

Sinus pain can be debilitating, and finding relief is sometimes a matter of trial and error. If you've ruled out the possibility that your pain is caused by something other than your sinuses, there... Read More »

How to Treat Sinus Pain?

Follow these steps to remove the pain of sinus congestion.

Sinus infection and serious pain?

Deep sympathies - am suffering the same and it gets so bad you feel you could do something very drastic - but am hanging in there and trust you will do the same(!). (Occasionally have to howl with... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Severe Sinus Pain Without Congestion?

Humans have four sets of sinuses: a pair above the eyes (frontal), under the eyes (maxillary), between the nose and eyes (ethmoid), and posterior to the nose and eyes in the middle of the skull (sp... Read More »