Sinus infection home remedys?

Answer Have you tried a humidifier? Sometimes that helps to clear nasal passages.

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Can i treat a sinus infection at home?

Sinus infections are a common condition experienced by most people at one time or another. Difficulty breathing through your nose, the feeling of a brick sitting on your face and sinus drainage are... Read More »

Cut finger, home remedys?

Since the cut bled a lot, just wrap it up tightly so it won't bleed any more. That bleeding flushed out the dirt.

Home remedys for tooth ache?

Take paracetamol and aspirin together. Try clove oil (get it from most chemists) and run some on the tooth. It is a mild anathetic but tastes horrible so beware! Try to dab it n the gum/tooth and s... Read More »

How do you fly with a sinus infection?

It is not wise to fly with a sinus infection. The pressure, ear pains and headaches increase with cabin pressure, creating quite uncomfortable if not intolerable discomfort. But, when avoiding fl... Read More »