Sink Is Clogged With Rice?

Answer A clogged sink is always a nuisance, but a sink clogged with rice can often be a more severe problem because ordinary household and chemical cleaners do not always break down the rice and remove th... Read More »

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How do i fix a clogged bathroom sink?

Removing the StopperPut on rubber gloves. Get under the sink and lie on your back. Locate the sink's tailpiece of drain pipe that leads directly from the sink drain to the curved P-trap under the d... Read More »

Badly Clogged Sink?

The sink is one of those things you might not think too much about until it stops working. If it's clogged badly enough that water just stands in it, there are steps you can take to get it running ... Read More »

Can you run your dishwasher if your sink is clogged?

Answer Probably not, depends on where the clog is at and how the dishwasher drain is connected. I wouldn't chance it, but the worst that will happen is the sink will fill with the water from the ... Read More »

Is it safe to use the sink if the toilet is clogged up?

"Safe," as in, "is there going to be a sink shark that comes up through the pipes and bites off my junk?"I think you'll be fine.