Singular Vs. Plural Verbs?

Answer One of the most common mistakes made in the English language, especially for non-native speakers, is the confusion of singular and plural verbs. Part of the reason for the confusion arises from the... Read More »

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Types of Singular & Plural Verbs?

Verbs explain what a noun does or what happens to a noun. The main noun in a sentence dictates whether a verb takes a singular or plural form, and all verbs can take either form. Some second-langua... Read More »

List of Singular Verbs?

Part of what makes English tough to learn is its many verb forms. The list of irregular verbs in English is particularly long and hard to explain. For instance, in one moment we say, "Today I run b... Read More »

Is none singular or plural?

None can be singular or plural, depending on how it's used. The word is defined as "not one" or "not any." According to the Random House Dictionary, examples of singular and plural usages date back... Read More »

Is faculty plural or singular?

The noun faculty is singular and refers to just one group of members of a profession. The plural form of the noun is faculties and refers to more than one group.References:West Virginia Department ... Read More »