Singular & Plural Noun Games?

Answer English grammar can be as difficult to grasp as it is to teach, especially concepts concerning singular and plural nouns. Though English possesses some general rules concerning this concept, many w... Read More »

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How to Determine Whether a Noun Is Singular or Plural?

English grammar allows you to speak and write fluently. One of the most important rules about the English language involves singular and plural nouns. When writing a sentence, you need to know whet... Read More »

Is couple a singular or plural noun?

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines the word couple as a noun meaning a pair or small number. The word may be treated as singular (meaning a single unit) or plural (in the sense of two peopl... Read More »

Is jeans a singular or plural noun?

The word jeans is a plural noun. Although we are generally referring to one object when talking about jeans, as in one item of clothing, this one object is actually a pair of jeans and anything spo... Read More »

Singular & Plural Pronoun Games?

Students usually don't master a skill after the first lesson, and they will grow more confident in their skills when given time to practice. One part of grammar which may require extra review for y... Read More »