Single people should or should not be allowed to adopt children?

Answer yes, they should people don't need to be married to have children . adopted or there own.

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Should gay people be allowed to adopt children?

Opinion from an opponent of the idea: No. In most countries this is illegal however it is permitted in certain circumtances. It is a historical and undoubted fact that the best environment in which... Read More »

Should gay couples or single people be able to adopt children?

Answer This is a really hard question to answer, but for me, yes! Two friends of mine (both lesbians) have adopted a son from Russia and one from another country. They are wonderful parents to t... Read More »

Should single men be allowed to adopt a child?

Any responsible adult should be able to adopt. There are way too many kids without homes to start making restrictions based on old moralities. I do feel having both parents is the best situation ... Read More »

Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children?

It is a matter of opinoin , but I would say NO! God designed marriage to be one man and one woman. So they should not have the privalage of raising a child since they are living in sin. YES! No do... Read More »