Single mom/ low income/enrolled in school, what gov assistance is available to me?

Answer This depends on where you live, but if you visit your state's website it should give you information. In my area, the assistance for low-income individuals/families includes: food stamps, TANF, e... Read More »

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I need government assistance single mother?

The requirements for public assistance vary from state to state, and sometimes from county to county, so it really isn't possible for us to know what you would be eligible for in your particular si... Read More »

Housing Assistance for Single Mothers in New Jersey?

According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, more than 470,000 New Jersey children lived in single-mother homes in 2009. Single mothers in New Jersey can obtain housing assistance through state and ... Read More »

Is there any "assistance" for single working mothers who don't sit on the butts?

In most states, NO! The government tends to only reward single-mother's who don't work. These women's sugardaddy, uncle SAM, seems to encourage single-mother's to stay at home and live on some type... Read More »

Housing Assistance for Single Mothers in Pennsylvania?

Single Pennsylvania mothers can receive housing assistance through government programs and nonprofit organizations. Local housing agencies administer federal programs, which serve as the foundation... Read More »